3 Essential Maintenance Tips to Prevent Major Plumbing Leak Repair

Major plumbing leaks can cause substantial property damage and necessitate expensive repairs, which is why every homeowner must ask themselves if they are doing everything they can to prevent a significant plumbing leak. While most homeowners know that looking after the health of their pipes and plumbing fixtures is an excellent way to stop leaks, not as many recognize the need to protect vulnerable areas that can be susceptible if the proper steps aren’t taken. 

Look After the Outside of Your Home

Water can often make its way into a basement because of factors like hydrostatic and lateral pressure. Both hydrostatic and lateral pressure is when a force of water puts persistent pressure against your home’s foundation and the basement walls. Eventually, the pressure is enough to damage your foundation and cause leaks.

Gutters and downspouts are crucial outdoor mechanisms that direct water away from your home and its foundation. However, they can occasionally become clogged, allowing water to flow against your foundation and putting you at risk of a major plumbing leak repair. Remove any clogs that prevent your gutters and downspouts from keeping water away from your property to ensure that your basement stays dry. 

Prevent Basement Cracks

Poor construction can leave your foundation exposed and prone to cracking, making leaks in your basement more likely. Homeowners can try to make up for a poorly-constructed foundation by applying a waterproofing mixture to the basement floors and walls to provide protection. 

However, waterproofing won’t do much if cracks and damage are already present within your floors and walls. Homeowners must have any cracks and damage repaired before applying the waterproofing mixture. For additional protection, property owners can opt for cement coatings to provide an extra layer against the outside elements. 

Window Wells

While window wells serve as a way for you to provide light and air to your basement, they can also allow water to enter. When your window well becomes filled with water because of a clog, missing drain, or some other issue, it can eventually leak into your basement if left unaddressed.

Prevent water from seeping into your basement by having a plumbing service handle your window well. They’ll have a solution for whatever problem your window well is suffering from. Whether unclogging an old drain or installing a new one, a professional residential plumbing service in Murrieta will know precisely what to do.  

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