4 Common Plumbing Problems You Can Find in Your Kitchen

General plumbing problems can happen anywhere, and if you’re not prepared to handle them, they can ruin your day. This is especially true for our kitchens – kitchen plumbing problems are some of the most distressing and common concerns we’ve run into at ProFlo Plumbers. Fortunately, emergency plumbing service is available to all our Murrieta, CA homeowners who might require assistance immediately. 

Clogged Sink

Clogged sinks result from a buildup of waste matter in your plumbing system. While you may be tempted to fix it yourself using a plunger or house cleaning supplies, there’s a low chance that it will resolve the issue. Contacting a professional plumbing company is the only way to address a clogged sink. They have a toolbelt of gadgets that can reach deeper clogs further down the drain. 

Failing Garbage Disposal

Though a garbage disposal is designed to make removing food easier, you can’t rely on it for everything. The blades are sensitive to certain materials like potato skins, chicken bones and eggshells. When your garbage disposal stalls or regurgitates water back into the main sink, chances are it might need to be replaced. The way to know for sure is to have a local plumbing service inspect it for any damage and schedule a drain cleaning repair. It may just be stuck and need something to relieve the blockage. 

Low Water Pressure

Is the water from your sink coming out slower than usual? Then you could be dealing with a few different issues. Low water pressure can be caused by leaking pipes underneath your sink. Luckily, this is the simplest explanation for why you might have low water pressure. In this scenario, a leak detection service must be used by a trusted plumbing company to see where the leak is originating from and fix it. If there is no leak present, it could be a problem with the aerator – the small screen at the end of the faucet. This is why it is essential to contact the experts so that they can understand exactly what is causing the problem. 


As we discussed previously, leaks are a common problem in kitchenette systems. A minor leak can become a significant leak in no time, inviting mold and other growths onto your surfaces. You will notice it in your water bill and pay more over time than if you get the leak fixed immediately. ProFlo Plumbers will ensure the leak is fully sealed and that any compromised areas are cleaned thoroughly. 

Stay in control of your kitchen with professional, local plumbing service by ProFlo Plumbers. As leaders of the industry, we have the skills and expertise necessary to ensure long-lasting usage of your plumbing systems in your Murrieta, CA home. Whether commercial or residential is what you need, we have you covered. If you want to inquire about our services, call (951) 327-7688 or by filling out our free contact form