4 Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Plumbing Safe This Winter

Winter is one of the harshest times of the year for plumbing systems in Murrieta homes. The harsh winter climate features everything from extreme weather to increased usage during the holiday season that will make life challenging for your plumbing, testing its durability and performance. 

While the chances of a plumbing malfunction rise heavily during the winter, that doesn’t mean homeowners can’t do anything to help minimize risk. You can reduce the likelihood of many sewer line issues simply by being proactive and taking the necessary steps to keep your plumbing system safe and healthy all winter. 

Turning Off Your Outside Water Valves

When outdoor temperatures drop below freezing, your pipes can become frozen and even rupture, compromising your plumbing system and causing untold damage. Burst pipes are an expensive problem to address, and any solution homeowners use will force you to empty your wallet.  

Avoid a frozen sewer line by turning off your outdoor water valves and covering all pipes in uninsulated areas of your home with wrapped towels for additional protection against the frigid weather. 

Take Care of your Water Heater

Your water heater is crucial this time of the year because it facilitates warm water to plumbing fixtures like your shower and bath faucets, helping you deal with the low temperatures outside. It would be a catastrophe if your water heater were to fail and prevent you from receiving hot water while you shower or bathe.  

Scheduling regular water heater maintenance and keeping it in good health will ensure that it continues to function smoothly without issue. If anything ever occurs to your water heater, have a professional plumbing service come by to inspect your unit and provide their expertise. They’ll be able to repair whatever is ailing your water heater or even replace it if necessary. 

Know Where Your Main Water Valve is Located

If a plumbing disaster like pipe bursting were to occur, one of the first things you may have to do is shut off all the water in your home to prevent a bad situation from evolving into an even worse one. This means that knowing the location of your main water valve is a necessity. 

While every home has a different layout, the main valve is often located next to the water meter. Check to see if this is the case – if it isn’t, find the actual location of your main water valve. Once you locate your valve, verify it is fully operational and working as intended.   

Practice Proper Disposal

Several holidays occur during the winter, so you’re likely cooking and preparing more meals than usual. Increased time in the kitchen will often leave more messes, leftovers and table scraps that need to be disposed of. Your disposal method can either benefit or hurt your plumbing system.

Improper disposal can put needless stress on your sewer line. Reckless actions like pouring fats or oils down a drain are harmful to your plumbing because they will thicken and harden, eventually leading to clogged pipes. Clogs can disrupt your plumbing and be a precursor to several severe issues. 

Pour your fats and oils elsewhere in a safer spot and correctly dispose of your other cooking leftovers to preserve the stellar condition of your plumbing system.  

The winter season won’t be easy on your plumbing. Ensure it makes it through the end of the year uninterrupted by a malfunction or performance issues by turning to ProFlo Plumbers for help. We offer solutions like plumbing repair and maintenance services that keep your sewer line safe from everything winter brings. You can trust us to look after your plumbing system due to our successful work with Murrieta residents, helping them steer clear of expensive and disruptive sewer line problems. If something does happen this winter, our emergency plumbing services are the solution for home plumbing issues that cannot wait until the next day. To see how ProFlo Plumbers can help you, contact us at (951) 327-7688 or visit us online.