3 Important Facts You Need to Know about Sewer Line Tree Root Intrusion

A sewer line tree root intrusion is one of the more common but devastating plumbing issues Murrieta homeowners can encounter. At its worst, tree root intrusion can compromise your plumbing system, dealing untold damage and necessitating costly repairs. 

Successfully dealing with a tree root intrusion and avoiding its most severe consequences starts with understanding the ins and outs of the issue so that you’re prepared and know what to expect.  

Consequences of Root Infiltration in Your Sewer Line

  • Ruptured Pipes: Tree roots gravitate toward water sources, meaning your pipes are a natural target. Once inside your pipes, tree roots will expand quickly by feeding off the nutrient-heavy environment, eventually rupturing and tearing apart your sewer line. 
  • Sinkholes: Openings created by a root infiltration will allow water from a sewer line to leak into your yard. This can sometimes lead to sinkholes forming, ruining your landscaping and yard.  
  • Necessary Repairs: A tree root intrusion means that your pipes have been compromised and either need to be repaired or replaced. The extent of the damage will determine the proper course of action and how much you’ll have to pay. In most instances, the earlier you catch a tree root intrusion, the less severe and costly the repairs will be. 

Signs of Tree Root Intrusion in Your Sewer Line

  • Frequent Drain or Toilet Clogs: If you are suffering from recurrent drain or toilet clogs, there’s a significant chance that a root intrusion has occurred. Once they’ve made their way into your plumbing system, tree roots will spread and create blockages throughout your sewer line. These blockages will obstruct materials from going down your various drains and lead to clogs. 
  • A Flooded Lawn: If you haven’t been watering your lawn or experienced rainy weather recently, a flooded yard should rouse some suspicion. Your sewer line is likely leaking from a tree root intrusion, causing your yard to turn into a watery mess.  
  • Sewage Smells: A root infiltration will open up your sewer line, allowing the odors within them to escape and circulate throughout your home. A clear sign that something is wrong with your plumbing is if there’s a noticeable, persistent smell of sewage in and around your property. 

How to Avoid a Tree Root Intrusion

  • Mindful Landscaping: Don’t let the fear of a root infiltration preclude you from landscaping choices like planting a tree. As long as you know where your sewer line is located and do your landscaping safely away from any pipes, you should be able to avoid a tree root intrusion. 
  • Look After Your Plumbing System: A tree root intrusion cannot occur if a plumbing system is in excellent health, without compromised areas or weak spots. Ensure that your sewer line is at its best by working with a professional plumbing service to schedule regular maintenance and repairs. Your pipes will remain structurally sound and free of cracks or leaks that serve as openings for tree roots.  

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