5 Common Plumbing Problems New Homeowners Need to Be Aware Of

On top of the already strenuous demands of everyday life, new homeowners need to be on the lookout for emerging or longstanding problems in their plumbing systems. Sometimes, sellers aren’t upfront about these issues and impose it upon you to figure them out. 

At ProFlo Plumbers, we promise to assess these problems before they become more significant concerns. Here are five plumbing problems we see most commonly in Murrieta, CA homes. 

1. Leaky/Faulty Pipes

A leaky pipe can spell danger to your water bill. You may notice that the water pressure is low in certain areas of your home or see the more visible signs of water puddles or mold that may alert you to its existence. 

When dealing with a leaky pipe, the only way to truly understand the extent of the damage is to schedule a plumbing inspection as soon as possible. We may find we need to gut the whole system, which especially rings true for galvanized pipes. 

These pipes are found in older homes and can diffuse lead into your water supply and potentially poison your family members. For that reason, galvanized pipe replacement is the best solution if you’ve just bought an older home. 

2. Bad Water Heaters

If you are experiencing water that never gets hot, it may be time to invest in some water heater services. A bad water heater will usually sound louder than expected, and you should check the service date on which it was installed to give you a better idea of whether or not it has hit its limit. 

Usually, a water heater does not last more than ten years. Our plumbers at ProFlo Plumbers have worked on every type of water heater, from electric to tankless, so we know exactly what needs to be done to get it running efficiently again. 

3. Low-Quality Drinking Water 

More people are opting to replace their hard water systems with soft water instead; older homes in Murrieta, CA may not have anything in place to help you dispense the best quality drinking water. 

The thing about hard water is that it is not inherently bad and will depend on county standards on how they treat their water. You may need a water softener, you may need a water filtration system, or you may need both. 

If you need our water conditioning services, our residential plumbing experts at ProFlo Plumbers can test your water quality and suggest a solution that fits within your home’s budget.

4. Clogs

Clogs are a natural part of any daily used appliance. Sometimes, you can resolve the issue yourself using any number of methods – disassembling the P-Trap, plunging the drain or snaking the drain. However, these won’t always work. 

The worst clogs are caused by a buildup of hair, grease and other foods, so the real issue may be deep within the network of pipes. You should try to limit the use of your garbage disposal when possible so that you don’t put a strain on the system. 

When clogs become your worst enemy, our plumbers can work their drain cleaning magic to get it back to normal. 

5. Sewer Backup 

A sewer backup can cause many problems, such as a pungent smell running through your home or poor water drainage that isn’t localized in one area. This can affect the structure of your home and end up being ground zero for mold growth and bill increases. 

Our plumbing repair experts at ProFlo Plumbers use a non-invasive camera to assess your sewer lines without having to further extract or dig in the surrounding area. If there needs to be a trenchless sewer replacement, we will be sure to be in and out within a few hours of starting the residential plumbing project. 

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